Azure ML workbench- Installation-Part 1

In Microsoft ignite 2017, Azure ML team announce new on-premises tools for doing┬ámachine learning. this tools much more comprehensive as it provides 1- a workspace helps data wrangling 2- Data Visualization 3-Easy to deploy 4-Support Python codes in this post and next posts, I will share my experiment with working this tools. first I got Read more about Azure ML workbench- Installation-Part 1[…]

R in SQL Server – write R Scripts- Part 1

From 2016 we able to do machine learning inside the SQL Server 2016 and 2017. In these post series, I am going to show some tips and trips for that. such as set up R services in SQL Server 2016, how to be sure we able to do that, and also how we can see Read more about R in SQL Server – write R Scripts- Part 1[…]