Find Error DAX Expressions, Export Tables, Gateway and APP Documentation all in Power BI Helper July 2019 Edition

What if you can find all details about DAX measures, and find all of the expressions that have an error in their syntax? Power BI Helper July 2019 version can do that for you. But not just that, it can also export a data table into CSV format, no matter how big it is. In addition to all these, you can get information of all gateways, data sources, and apps in the tenant, and document them all. There are much more interesting features too. Let’s see what the new version of Power BI Helper can do for you, all for FREE.

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What is new in Power BI Helper July 2019 Edition

Power BI Helper July 2019 edition has some interesting features in both data modelling, and also service connection. let’s have a look at them in bullet points and then the detailed explanation:

  • All NOT working Measures
  • Export data tables into CSV files
  • Getting all Apps information from service and documenting it
  • Getting all Gateways, Data Sources, and service configurations and documenting it
  • Some enhancements and more information available from Tables, Columns, and Measures
  • A new website for Power BI Helper

All NOT working Measures

We have seen a lot of Power BI files where there are tens of measures with errors among a list of thousands. And it is not easy to find them all in one place. Previously in Power BI Helper, we had the functionality to get a list of all measures. Now, we also have the State of the measure which shows if there is an error in the DAX code of that measure

The State Column in the Measure list shows that if there is an error or not, As you see in the above screenshot, there is a SemanticError. The story doesn’t finish here, You can also see the error details, if you scroll to the right in that table, there is a column for ErrorMessage

Now, to find all measures with Error in their State column, all you need to do is to sort the table by the State column Descending:

There are many other informative columns also added in each of the tables for Tables list, Columns list, and Measures list, which you will for sure find them useful;

What you see in the above screen is the Format String, Hidden status, and the modified date of each column. This is only part of what you get in the Power BI Helper July 2019. There are more information, go download it, run it, and explore it yourself.

Export Data Tables into CSV Files

You can now export any of the tables you want into a CSV file, with no limitation for the number of rows. Of course, you can do that in Power BI Desktop too, however, we thought it would be good to give you that function also in this tool. And this is not the normal tables, but also calculated and hidden tables, such as the default date table!

And here is an example output of that file:

Even the default built-in date table of Power BI can be exported:

Getting All Service Objects: Apps, Gateways, Data Sources, Service Configuration

In April 2019 edition of Power BI Helper, we’ve introduced the ability to connect to the service and get the list of all workspaces, dashboards, reports, and datasets. In this edition, we added even more objects, Now you can access Apps, Gateways, data sources, and service configuration all through Power BI Helper.

To get anything in the Service tab working, first, you need to register your app (If you have done it for the April 2019 edition of Power BI Helper, then you don’t need to do that again), and use your client ID in the Power BI Helper. This article, explains how you should do that.

Below is List of Apps:

Configuration: (Tenant setting configurations that are custom set)


Data Sources:

Documentation of all Service objects in one place

Last but not least, all the information fetched from service objects (Workspaces, dashboards, reports, datasets, apps, configurations, gateways, and data sources), can be exported into a document like below:

A New Website for Power BI Helper

If you haven’t heard the news yet, here is a new website for Power BI Helper:

Use it for FREE and Let us know about your experience

At RADACAD, we use Power BI Helper every day for solving our client’s challenges faster and easier. Do you use this tool as well? we like to hear about your experience. Also if you have any suggestions for the features or feedback, we are keen to hear from you down in the comments below.

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