Create a Date Dimension in Power BI in 4 Steps – Step 3: Public Holidays

In last two steps you learned how you can create a date dimension that has calendar columns, and fiscal columns. In this step we are going to look at how Power Query can be leveraged to fetch public holidays live from APIs, and add that information into the date dimension. This step shows the importance ...

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Create a Date Dimension in Power BI in 4 Steps – Step 2: Fiscal Columns

In step 1 of creating date dimension I explained how to create the base query with calendar columns. In this post I will explain how to add fiscal columns calculated in the date dimension. Many of business reports generates on fiscal year, fiscal quarter, and fiscal period, so having fiscal columns is important part of ...

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Script to Generate and Populate Date Dimension Version 2: Adding Multiple Financial Years

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in ETL, T-SQL | One Comment

Almost a year ago I published first version of T-SQL script to generate and populate a general purpose date dimension here. Today I want to publish the second version of that date dimension which has some corrections (fiscal calendar calculation fixed), and additional attributes (such as current year, current month, and current day) Multiple countries ...

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