Fetch Files and/or Folders with Filtering and Masking: Power Query


Fetching list of Files in a folder is easy with Power Query, it is one of the built-in source types. However fetching list of folders is not a built-in function. In this post I’ll show you how to fetch list of files, and also fetch only list of folders. The method explained in a way that you can customize the code and apply any conditions as you want later on. Conditions such as File or folder name masking to fetch only names that contains special character strings.


How to Change Joining Types in Power BI and Power Query


Joining tables is not a new concept, I bet all readers of my blog at least have a clue about that. However there are different types of joins, and applying these types of Joins are not all possible through Power Query GUI. Power BI recently took an step and implemented that in the GUI, however you might like to know how to apply that in the Power Query. The trick is that M is your friend, You can do whatever you want behind the scenes with M script.


Power Query Function that Returns Multiple Values


Yesterday in NZ BI user group meeting, I’ve been asked that does Power Query custom functions return only one value as the result set? or they can return multiple values. I’ve answered Yes, and I’ve explained that through a sentence how to do it with Records, List, or Table. Then I thought this might be a question of many people out there. So I’ve wrote this blog post to illustrate how to return multiple values from a custom function in Power Query.