Change Set and Approval Workflow in MDS 2016

One of the interesting features of Master Data Services 2016 is Change Set and Require Approval. In prior versions of MDS when you apply a change and publish that change automatically take place in the entity and records. However in the new MDS in SQL Server 2016 you can create a Change Set of your Read more about Change Set and Approval Workflow in MDS 2016[…]

What’s New in MDS of SQL Server 2016

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SQL Server 2016 CTP 2 released almost a day ago, and I’ve had a chance to install it and play with Master Data Services to see what changes has been made in this product. Master Data Services is a service of SQL Server first released in SQL Server 2008R2, and enhanced in SQL Server 2012. There was no changes in MDS of SQL Server 2014. But fortunately MDS wheels are spinning now, there are some changes in 2016. Changes are not major though they  are evidence of Microsoft investing on this services nowadays.


Walk-through Steps: I’m New to BI, Where to Start? – Part 3 : Data Governance


Data Governance is one of the most important aspects of BI systems, that unfortunately seen less important in many organizations. All usefulness and gratefulness of BI system will only be seen if there is a good data governance in place. If you build superb dashboards and data visualizations it won’t help until the quality of data is high. your ETL scenario won’t be so much great when there are more than one source for the same data but with different versions of it.

Data Governance and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) are concepts that needs to be covered in every organization working with the data, despite the fact that they use BI system or not. So in nutshell EIM and Data Governance are not components of BI system, they are separate systems, that can be used side by side of a BI system. However because of their very close relationship with BI system (especially because BI system is based on the data and information) we would cover them here. I would like to comment here that there won’t be a good BI system without good EIM or data governance in place.


Master Data Services Software Requirements

  In this blog posts I explain what is required for master data services to be configured on a windows (server or client) machine. Required features would be listed and how to install would be discussed in detail. Master Data Services (MDS) is part of SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher. so you would require Read more about Master Data Services Software Requirements[…]

Session Materials to Download: Master Data Management with SQL Server 2012

Thanks for all attendees in my session about Master Data Management with SQL Server 2012 as part of NetCom Learning free webinars. In this session below contents covered: Creating Entities for reference data Relationship between entities Business Rules and their usages User Interfaces for working with Master Data Services Hierarchies Integration Views for using in Read more about Session Materials to Download: Master Data Management with SQL Server 2012[…]

Deep Dive into Security Schema of Master Data Services Database

Master Data Services provides data governance and reference data management as part of SQL Server product. There is a security mechanism in MDS that provides robust role based security and authorization for domain accounts and groups. Security on data also can be applied on Model level, entity, or even in row level. Security in MDS Read more about Deep Dive into Security Schema of Master Data Services Database[…]

MDS: Deploy Master Data Services Model with Data From One Server to Another

In a multi environment system which you might have Development, UAT and Production for your master data services, the requirement for transfer MDS models across different master data services will be sensible. sometimes you just need to transfer model structure (metadata) from one server to another, but in some situations you will need to have a Read more about MDS: Deploy Master Data Services Model with Data From One Server to Another[…]

Speaking about Master Data Services

Hi folks, I’ll speak about Master Data Services at Microsoft Venue in Auckland on 9th of October of 2012. Session Topic and description: Managing Reference Data with Master Data Services In most of companies there are some reference data which are in use from different applications and databases, This reference data should be consistent and Read more about Speaking about Master Data Services[…]