SQL Server Reporting Services Integration with Power BI

Power BI Report Server can host Power BI reports on-premises, and you’ve learned about it in the previous post. There is another integration between SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI service; this integration brings tiles from SSRS reports pinned to a Power BI dashboard with scheduled updates from SQL Server agent. The integration of Read more about SQL Server Reporting Services Integration with Power BI[…]

Walk-through Steps: I’m New to BI, Where to Start? – Part 4: Data Visualization


Data Visualization is the front end of your BI system. It will be seen from the user’s point of view as the whole BI system! The reason for that is users only will see this part of the BI system, they won’t see Data Warehouse, ETL,  andData Governance… What they see is only dashboards and charts explaining data values. So it is essential to do the data visualization right and effective. A good data visualization should be able to tell story behind the data. A bad data visualization won’t help users even if you have a good data warehouse or ETL design. So you should spent time to analyze ever dashboard, chart, and table and make that a good story teller to the user.