Session Materials & Recording: Take Power BI Visualization to the Next Level – Data Insight Summit 2017

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Thanks everyone to attend my session in Microsoft Data Insight Summit 2017 about Data Visualization. It was a pleasure to see you all. Here I put the session materials to download and links as reference to study more. Please feel free to ask your questions here. My session was over booked with 650 registrations, and ...

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2017 Data Insights Summit – Key Note (Live)

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Not just one but TWO live blogs from Radacad running so you won’t miss anything! Reza is also blogging here 5 mins to go. Sitting between Chris and Alberto. We are delayed due to the massive influx of attendees queuing to get in. James Phillips speaking now Summit sold out 5 weeks early 2500 ...

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Azure ML Part 7: A Machine Learning Prediction scenario (4)

In the previous posts from Part 1 to 6, I have explained how to do machine learning process. The data cleaning such as SQL transformation, select specific columns, remove missing values,  Edit meta data, and normalize data.  Also, I have explained how to find relevant attributes  using Feature Selection Feature to identify which feature are more ...

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Azure ML Part 6: A Machine Learning Prediction scenario (3)

In previous posts (Part 4 and Part 5), I have explained some of the main components of Azure ML via a prediction scenario. In post one the process of data cleaning (using SQL Transformation, Cleaning Missing Value, Select specific Columns, and Edit Meta Data)  has been explained. and in the second Post, I have explained how to apply ...

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Optimising Power BI data models

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For this blog I thought I would share a handy trick for optimising Power BI using a data modelling solution that is often forgotten or overlooked.  It involves focusing on certain columns based on the degree of uniqueness they contain and converting or removing all together from a data model.  I will explain how and why this ...

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Dynamic distances in Power BI

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I recently encountered a question posed to the Power BI community forum I found interesting enough to kick-start my blogging on Power BI. The essence of the question was asking how to dynamically determine distances between two geographic points from user based selections.  So I thought I would cover how this can be done in Power BI to ...

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