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Power BI World Tour in San Francisco ran on 4th and 5th of October in Bay Area (Microsoft Sunnyvale). As a speaker, it is always a great opportunity for me and Leila to speak in such events and meet new people in the community. In San Francisco world tour, Leila and I presented 4 topics in total and received a lot of great feedback from the audience. It has been a pleasure to speak in this event. Here in this post you will read details of our presentations, and links to download slide deck of presentations. If you have any questions; please feel free to ask in the comment area below.

Title: Deep Dive into Power Query and M

Speaker: Reza Rad

Description: Power Query is the transformation engine in Power BI. This is the engine that you do all data preparation before loading data into the model. This is the keystone of your Power BI solution. In this session, you will learn what things Power Query can do. M is the language behind the scene of Power Query, you will learn how M can be more beneficial than the Power Query Graphical interface. You will see demos of transformations that you can do with M Code. You will learn about Functions, Parameters, Generators and many other amazing features of this tool. This session is full of live demos. Prepare to be amazed by what Power Query can do with heaps of demos in this session.

Reference Links

Append vs Merge in Power Query

Choose the Right Merge Join Type in Power Query

Grouping in Power Query

Basics of M Scripting

#shared Keyword to get All Functions

Custom Functions Made Easy in Power BI

Date Dimension Part 1: Calendar Columns

Date Dimension Part 2: Fiscal Columns

Date Dimension Part 3: Public Holidays 


Power BI online Book


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    Title: Power BI for Developers

    Speaker: Reza Rad

    Description: Power BI is not just a self-service tool for business analysts. Power BI has many features that help developers to build their reporting solution. Power BI Embedded, real-time streaming with Power BI, along with all powerful analytical engine of Power BI, helps developers to take their reporting to the next level. Come to this session to learn about all features that Power BI provides for developers.

    Reference Links and Materials

    Integrate Power BI into Your Application – Part 1: Register your APP

    Integrate Power BI into Your Application – Part 2: Authenticate

    Integrate Power BI into Your Application – Part 3: Embed Content

    Integrate Power BI into Your Application – Part 4: Refresh Dataset

    Integrate Power BI into Your Application – Part 5: Data Source Management


    Sample Projects


    Power BI online Book


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      Title: Endless Possibilities with R and Power BI

      Speaker: Leila Etaati

      Description: R integration with Power BI provides more flexibility for users. People are able to have more visualizations which not exist currently in Power BI such as normal distribution chart, column width chart, different types of subplots in a map, five dimensions' chart with facet chart and so forth. Moreover, writing R scripts inside power query and Power BI Visualization enables users to do machine learning using R code. The other possibilities that recently added, people able to create custom R visual with the plotly package to make their visualization much more interactive, accessible and more flexible. In this session, first I will show how to create some interesting charts using ggplot2 package inside Power BI. Then, I will show how to do Machine Learning inside Power query by following machine learning process: data gathering, data cleansing, feature selection, model creation, data sampling, and finally; prediction. Also, I will show the main process to create a custom R visual (pbiviz) file through the installing Power BI tools. Finally, a brief demo of currently available R visual produces by Microsoft team will be presented.

      Analytics with Power BI and R: Book


      Download here


      Title: Take Power BI Visualization to the Next Level

      Speaker: Reza Rad


      Data Visualization is the front end of every BI system, and getting it right is one of the most important tasks in a BI application. Good visualization will benefit the decision-making process, while bad visualization can lead to wrong decisions. In this session, you will learn how to create the right chart or visual, with examples ranging from line charts, bar/column charts, and some other useful chart styles in Power BI. You will also learn some tips and tricks to control interactivity of visuals in Power BI. The session is full of demonstrations, and through that, you will learn tips and tricks for choosing best colors and best visuals for your solution.

      Demo Links

      Interaction of Visuals in Power BI

      Grouping and Binning

      Custom Visuals

      ArcGIS Map in Power BI

       Shape Map Visual

      Line Chart

      Bar/Column Chart

      Scatter Chart

      Ribbon Chart


      Book: Power BI from Rookie to Rock Star

      Power BI book from Rookie to Rock Star is absolutely free, download it and you will have full details of demos and much more materials to study through.

      Download Session Slides

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