June 25, 2023

What We do at RADACAD

What We Do

RADACAD helps many businesses from small to medium and large enterprise scales on Data Analytics projects. We can help in any of the ways below;

Data Analytics Projects

Suppose you don’t have internal resources or a deadline, and lack enough resources, expertise, or time to build a data analytics solution. In that case, our team of experts can create analytics solutions for you.

Analytics Coaching

Suppose you have internal resources building data analytics solutions and need some consultant help to overcome a blocking question, fix a performance issue, solve a DAX calculation, or any other query in analytics. In that case, our team of consultants can jump on a call to solve your challenge quickly.

Analytics Training

Our team provides the most comprehensive training on data analytics services, such as Power BI, Azure, and Fabric. We help to upskill you and your team from rookie to rock star.