RADACAD run premier professional training on Power BI. RADACAD training events run both in-person and online. Online courses cover major time zones. RADACAD also provide custom training for organization. For custom training options for groups of 15 or more please email us (training@radacad.com).


Self-paced Training Videos

  • 7+ hours videos
  • 9 Modules
  • 40+ Lessons

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Course Title: Power BI from Rookie to Rockstar


In-Person: 5 days (Lecture + Labs)

Online: 30 Hours (Lecture) + homework for your self study

Instructor: Reza Rad


In this training course you will learn Power BI from beginner to advance. You will learn how to use Power BI for simple data analysis situations as well as complex business intelligence scenarios. You will learn about five components of Power BI one by one. Power Query for data mash up, Power Pivot for Modelling, Power View and Power Map for data visualization, and Power Q&A for natural language Q&A engine. You will also learn about Power BI Desktop and Power BI apps with great new features added to this product. You will learn all the concepts with live demos. Expect learning best practices with great scenarios in this course.

Reza is Microsoft MVP and author of popular Power BI online book: Power BI from Rookie to Rock Star


Details of Power BI Training Course: Power BI from Rookie to Rock Star



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